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  • Targeted Timing. Engage buyers with messages that are proven to convert based on the most common user scenarios. Integrate with UPS, FedEx, and USPS for up-to-the-minute data and send an automated message the moment that it’s delivered at their door.
  • Hassle-Free Set-Up. Boost your efficiency and focus on what matters most with automated messages. Set it on a schedule and get back to work while FeedbackTuner optimizes your day-to-day communication tasks in the background.

Eliminate Negative Feedback

Alert, Engage, Remove – Simple!

Neutral and negative feedback directly impacts your seller status and it’s essential that you deal with it quickly. FeedbackTuner keeps a watchful eye for you with instant alerts. Simply launch one of your premade campaigns to send an automated message to the buyer and show your commitment to make it right in seconds.

Total Control with Custom Campaigns

Automation, Your Way

All-Inclusive Benefits

Build brand awareness, increase seller feedback, get Amazon reviews, avoid negative feedback, and maintain customer satisfaction with one intuitive tool.

Advanced Filter Settings

Personalize campaigns in seconds to exclude blacklisted buyers and adjust for shipping location, product condition, SKU, ASIN, and fulfillment methods in seconds.

Default and Custom Options

Create your own messages or edit professional templates in the FeedbackTuner campaign library and serve your global customer base with six language translations.

Select Your Style

Make your emails more vivid and visually appealing to customers in your feedback request communication. Our Feedback Central comes with several colorful themes. Simply select an email theme from the gallery and start setting up your campaign. It will surely capture your customers’ attention!

Buyer Blacklist

Focus on the positives and avoid the uncooperative, unsubscribed, or negative feedback buyers that can hurt your rank. Advanced filters and order ID searching make it easy.

Flexible Delivery

Select a popular delivery schedule or create your own with total control over automated deliveries. To ensure a higher email open rate, you can also schedule a specific email delivery date and time by country.

Proactive Product Review Management (COMING SOON)

FeedbackTuner was launched by a multi-million-dollar private label Amazon seller with years of experience. We’re always looking for new ways to improve our services and help you thrive in your competitive marketplace. Keep an eye out for the latest technology advancements and product review analytics coming soon.

  • Manage ASINS. Are your products performing as expected?
  • Match Buyers. Get in touch with buyers directly and offer help to your product reviewers.
  • Automated Messages. Email customers automatically based on the order ASIN.
  • Public Comments. Be proactive with post analytics and negative review alerts.

Unleash Maximum Positive Feedback

Double the feedback, triple the benefits

Powered By Analytics

Use A/B testing for email subject lines and use email open rate data to shape the most effective campaigns.

Pre-Written and Proven

Stock templates are translated into six different languages for you. Convert without any extra work!


Analytic Insights to Boost Your Seller Rating

more product reviews for our Amazon private label brand
Feedback Tuner helped us getting more seller feedback and product reviews. They helped us a lot in our private label product launches
John Doe

User-Friendly Dashboard

Watch your business reputation grow in real time with stats and analytics that focus on converting positive seller feedback and reviews.

Email Open Rates

The first step to converting is opening. Tracking keeps you informed with exact email open rates so that you can optimize and adjust your email subject line for total efficiency.

Great Support

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