You’ve received your first negative review on Amazon. You feel devastated.

But is it really the end of your great reputation?

Definitely not.

As a private label seller or drop shipper, the chances of receiving a negative review are nearly 100%. The issue isn’t so much that you received a negative review, but how you respond to it.

In fact, getting negative reviews can actually benefit your bottom line.

Here’s how.

Highlight Your Customer Service

Product and service reviews are about engagement. It’s a way for your customer to reach out to you. As a seller, it is your job to respond and to respond correctly. If you do it right, you can use your response to a negative review to showcase your customer service.

For example, if a customer loved the product but was displeased with the delivery time, you could highlight that in your response by saying something like, “We see that you loved our product—which reflects most of our customer’s response but were unhappy with the delivery time. We are truly sorry for the disappointment, and we’d like to make it up to you for a full-refund (etc.).”

Let everyone know what you were willing to do to make things right in your response. This shows you care and are willing to go above and beyond for your customers.

Build Your Brand’s Image

 Building on the previous point, you can also use a negative review to build your brand’s image. Be politically correct and don’t get too emotional in your response.

Start your response off by apologizing for the bad customer experience and talk about how you are committed to excellent customer service. You can also share links to your customer service team or invite them to contact you directly to discuss the issue.

Stay in line with your company culture in your response to avoid deceiving your customers.

There Are No Failures, Just Learning Opportunities

 It’s also good to remember there is no such thing as a failure. Every time a negative review is left on your products it is a chance to learn.

Learn what, you might ask.

Well, each review is a review from a customer who found, purchased and used your product. Their opinion, as much as it might sting, does matter.

Look at it as an opportunity to see where improvement can be made.

Are their complaints legitimate?

 If so, investigate the flaws they found in your product and draw upon that information when you make the second iteration or upgrade to your products.

Remember that Amazon is a community built for customers, not sellers. If you can tackle complaints and improve your product, reach out to the buyer again and give them a free sample of the upgraded version. Who knows, that might compel them to change their review or buy from you again.

Use the experience to strengthen your product and your customer service, and the results might just surprise you.

Valuable Supplier Feedback

 If you’re a private label seller or a drop shipper, negative reviews can help your business through supplier accountability.

Not every product is destined for best-seller status. And knowing which supplier is producing lackluster products gives you an opportunity to improve your brand and avoid wasting money on useless products.

Negative reviews shift out the not-so-great products from the ones you should invest in. After all, your investment is on the line, and if you don’t get negative reviews it could severely stifle your ability to scale.

Other benefits of negative customer reviews include:

-Recognize new product opportunities—Monitor your competition’s products to see which products aren’t worth investing. Negative reviews on their account should highlight what products to avoid.

-Monitoring customer’s reviews also indicate evolving customer preferences, giving you the opportunity to evolve with them.

-Marketing upgrades. If your product detail page isn’t properly updated it could be misleading customers. Negative reviews might indicate this. Pay attention to what they say to create a useful product detail page.


 While negative Amazon reviews can be painful, they provide a unique opportunity to grow and evolve your products. They also provide a chance to improve your brand’s image and customer service. To the discerning eye, they can even serve as a form of market research. Learn to use negative reviews to your advantage and you might just outshine the competition along the way. 


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