Amazon is a review based marketplace. If your product doesn’t get reviews, you’ll be left behind by the competition.

Use these Amazon Review Request Email Templates to get the most out of every sale and build your brand in Amazon’s competitive marketplace.

Why Reviews Matter & How Templates Can Help

Amazon sellers can use email templates to send out automatic emails to clients. Reviews offer multiple benefits including:

  • Aids with your ranking on Amazon, more reviews equal higher rankings
  • Increases your conversion rates, which in turn increases revenue
  • Improves customer experiences and sends extra information that your clients might find useful.
  • Increase engagement with your Amazon customers
  • Encourage communication between you and your clients
  • Diversify information about your products to make future sales more likely
  • Increase your organic views on your product listings


Email Templates to Copy

Here are a few of our favorite email templates to use to get those reviews you need.

Email #1. Right After Purchasing

Hello [name],

We’re so thankful you bought [product name], and we think you’ll be glad you did.

The purpose of sending our email is to let you know that your order will be arriving shortly.

We want to thank you for choosing our product.

To monitor your order’s shipping process, click this link: [link goes here]

Once your product arrives, please inspect it thoroughly. If there are any defects caused by the shipping, please do not hesitate to contact us via this link:

[contact info link]

We’ll get back to you as quickly as possible to make your order right.


[Add Your Name manually]

[Add Your Title manually]

[Add Your Brand Name manually]

Why Send this Email:

A client who has just purchased your product is at the most important part of the buying cycle. You want to cultivate trust with your clients. If your brand is offering a full guarantee on your product, then you’ll want to follow up to let them know you’re there if they need you.

Email #2. Days After Delivery

Hello [name],

You just bought a product from us! And we are happy to hear it. I wanted to reach out to follow up with your purchase. We are committed to making sure you’re happy with your product, so we’d love to hear your experience with your new [product name]. If you have any issues with it, please reply to this message so I can make it right for you.

But if you’re pleased with your experience, we need your help!

As a small business, we thrive on feedback and reviews. A simple review of our product means the world to us.

If you’re happy with your new product, we’d love to hear from you. Click on the following link to leave your honest feedback. [seller feedback link] We appreciate you.

Of course, if you’re not satisfied with your experience please give us a chance to make it right before you leave negative feedback. We’ll do whatever needs to be done to make it right.

Thank you,

[Add Your Name manually]

[Add Your Title manually]

[Add Your Brand Name manually]

Why Send This Email:

Feedback, both negative and positive, is huge to Amazon sellers. Cut problems off at the root before they can become a serious problem, with this email.

Email #3. A Week After Delivery

Hello [name],

I am reaching out to you to thank you for your order of [product name]. I sincerely hope that you have had a chance to try out the product and see if it meets your needs.

Would you mind doing me a huge favor?

Your product review is really important to us. And if you’ve already left us our review, we’re very grateful. If you haven’t had a chance to, we wanted to let you know we would really appreciate you leaving us a review for the product purchase. It shouldn’t take more than 2 minutes to complete.

We love reading reviews from satisfied clients, and we hope that you will join our many others who were satisfied with their product.

Here’s the link to our product:

[Product review link]

Of course, if you’re not satisfied with the product, we would be very appreciative if you could give us your address so we can change any issues you may be having before leaving feedback. We’re always available via email to answer or resolve any problems you may have.

Thank you so much for being a valued customer.


[Add Your Name manually]

[Add Your Title manually]

[Add Your Brand Name manually]

Why Send This Email:

Often, two days isn’t long enough for people to leave reviews for the products they purchased. A week, however, typically is enough time for individuals to inspect their item and use it. Send it a week out and watch your reviews increase.


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