Your seller feedback ratings are critical to the success of your business on Amazon—period. There is no way around unhappy customers, and you need to develop a toolkit to actively and fairly address negative reviews. Weak, absent or critical feedback ratings can hurt your business severely, negatively impact your rankings and turn shoppers away from your product–even if it beats out competitors in other areas like price or brand.

Check out these tips to supercharge your Amazon seller feedback ratings!

  1. Nail your branding
    Brick and mortar stores spend hundreds of thousands of dollars crafting the perfect customer experience. They hire brand experts and interior design firms to nail everything down—from the logo on the business card to the color and density of the carpet.  As an online business, you don’t have to worry about finding your perfect shade of paint, but you DO need to worry about the customer experience. Make sure that your brand and messaging is in line with how you want to be perceived.

  2. Deal with issues quickly
    Even more important than how people perceive your business is the way you make them feel. Customer support is the number one most important factor in building a good Amazon seller feedback rating. If there is an issue, deal with it quickly—within 24 hours is best – but the sooner the better.

  3. Keep it professional
    Never lose your cool with a customer. Make sure you are coming across as courteous and professional and strive to build a respectful and friendly tone.  Make the effort to personalize any communication with the customer’s name and identify the product they are concerned about specifically. Most customers are already fed up with automated or canned messaging and a personal touch can go a long way.

    If you are following these guidelines, you will certainly be on track for a stellar Amazon seller feedback rating.

  4. Be proactive in removing negative reviews
    Despite your best efforts, there will still be times when someone is dead set on leaving negative feedback. With these tough cases, it’s worth checking to see if you can do something about getting the negative review removed. The following circumstances will result in Amazon removing negative feedback from the site:
    • The feedback includes personally identifiable information
    • The entire feedback comment is a comment review, not a seller performance review
    • The entire feedback comment is regarding fulfillment or customer service for an order fulfilled by Amazon”

  5. Increase your good reviews
    The other part of increasing your Amazon seller feedback ratings is increasing positive reviews. It’s about proportion—a greater quantity of positive reviews will begin to make negative reviews look like a fluke. Unfortunately, the vast majority of satisfied customers don’t leave reviews, so it’s important to remain proactive in asking those customers to leave feedback.

  6. Utilize automated feedback management software
    If you are selling in any volume, you can’t possibly respond to every single customer personally, but you can customize an automated system to make it seem that way! Automated feedback software will help you continue to communicate with your buyers without sacrificing crucial man hours. Do your research to find some great Amazon feedback request templates that are proven to work.

  7. Build a relationship over time
    If you are planning on asking for feedback, you’d better start by building a relationship with your customer. Asking for a favor needs to come from a place of established contact and trust—not out of the blue, so plan on automating a few rounds of messaging to ensure you get the best feedback possible.

  8. Turn a bad experience into a good one
    A dissatisfied customer creates a perfect opportunity to generate a good review. It sounds counter-intuitive, but if you have a customer who has filed a complaint with you, jump on it—fix the problem, send them a personalized message and thank them. Once you’ve been enthusiastic in resolving their issue, they are likely to leave you positive feedback.

  9. Ask for feedback in a personal manner
    Probably the best way to get people to engage and leave you feedback is simply to ask for it. When you are ready to ask for feedback, customize subject and signature lines with a more personal touch, including their name, your name and your position.  Most importantly, if you see that your emails are unopened, ask again. Wait 4-7 days and resend your email. When a customer sees you reaching out a second time, there is a much greater chance they will open the email.

Putting it all together

Increasing your seller feedback rating is the best way to fast track your online sales success. Adding value with great customer service, nipping negative reviews in the bud and actively encouraging feedback from your happy customers are all tactics that will help you fortify your growing reputation and draw customers in again and again.


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